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by SPY

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caleb thumbnail
caleb i mean. its spy Favorite track: EXCEPTIONAL AMERICAN.
William Cooper
William Cooper thumbnail
William Cooper Straight to the point hard hitting album. Every song feels like I’m in a fist fight. Favorite hardcore band out right now.
davebob96 thumbnail
davebob96 It's been a whole ass year of these filthy bastards and I still can't stop obsessing over how seamlessly they blend beatdown hardcore and raw punk, EP of the year for sure. Favorite track: LABOR DISPUTE.
Rich Phillips
Rich Phillips thumbnail
Rich Phillips Best new hardcore I've heard in a long time and I listen to a lot!! Favorite track: AFRAID OF EVERYTHING.
bike_abuser thumbnail
bike_abuser Only took this album to realize I'm a thoroughbred punk head Favorite track: AFRAID OF EVERYTHING.
Bart thumbnail
Bart Aggressive and raw punk hardcore. I can never get enough of this. Great stuff. Favorite track: AFRAID OF EVERYTHING.
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Enraged by what you see This world is not for you I hate that I can see it inside myself too Terrified by what you don’t understand Vilify what you refuse to understand Dumb American, afraid of everything Afraid of all
Extrajudicial theft Livelihood taken away We’re left begging for scraps Wrongly locked up with no chance of fair trial Wrongly locked up with no chance of making it out alive
Are you proud to be an American? There is nothing here exceptional There is nothing here to die for There is nothing to be proud of There is nothing to celebrate American Exceptionalism, what a blatant fucking lie Squeezed dry to build up billionaires Profits always over human lives Homicidal police roam with free reign Overreach, abuse, and murder as they please Do you love your country? What a model citizen Such a good American Wants to kill and die for this fraudulent republic What a model citizen Such a good American Full of blind and thoughtless pride Fool fanatic fed only lies
Everyday harassers Daily time wasters Frequent violence creators Constant community abusers Officer Habitual Offender No accountability Meant only to intimidate Fear spreaders Life takers Specializing in the production of harm Servants of the ruling class Undeserving of the respect of the public Manufacturers of crime Manufacturing criminality Officer Habitual Offender Serving only the needs of the elite Grifter coward seeking power over others Habitual offender
Write your own laws Play by your own rules Without labor you are nothing Without labor you have nothing Unpaid wages Underpaid workers Laughable minimum wage Ruling class toying with our fucking lives Remember, eventually your time runs out Labor will be heard Labor will strike Accruing wealth you don’t deserve Denying those whose work you steal A chance at a decent life Accruing wealth you don’t deserve Send your pigs to repress us When we’re done with them It’s you we bust
Fed up Frustrated Infuriated with all Critical everyday but can’t find the right words to say Sink deeper insider Shut off and turn away Need this negative mind power to make a change Fight off isolation Fight off nihilism Critique and contempt as reverence A means to action Action Negative mind power A launch point Negative mind power A launch point for action


released October 1, 2021


all rights reserved



SPY California


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